2The Student/Tutor Relationship  

As a tutor, you play a very important role. You are the coach, the consultant, the expert, and sometimes even the last resort. You often determine whether a student returns to the writing center. As a tutor, you may make the difference between a successful student and a failing student, between one who loves to write, and one who avoids it like the plague. According to Christina Murphy and Steve Sherwood, tutoring is

a relationship more than a body of techniques or even a body of knowledge. In the tutoring session two people work together toward a common goal; they collaborate. The purpose of the collaboration is to assist writers in their own development. The dialogue between tutor and student--a conversation with a definite purpose--is the basis upon which tutors and students build a supportive, working relationship.  

What a huge responsibility! However, with that responsibility come tremendous rewards, so get ready and jump in!

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