12Documentation Styles  

Contrary to popular belief, documentation was not dreamed up by professors to see how miserable they could make studentsí lives. Students need to realize that it is not only polite but also ethical to acknowledge where they found their information. Furthermore, citing such sources can strengthen their arguments and/or research. 

To help someone with documentation, the first question you should ask is what documentation style the professor prefers. If the student does not know, refer her to the chart on Disciplinary Documentation Preferences. You may have had no experience with some documentation styles, but not to worry: disciplines require the same basic three sections of any citation, although they may be arranged differently:


1.      information about the author or editor

2.      the title of the work

3.      publication information

Below, the same information is given in four bibliographical styles to illustrate the similarities and differences among them.


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Key Idea
Knowing where to find models of documentation appropriate to your subject is more important than memorizing specific details of any one style. 





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